Unscrambled Eggs

The US Civil War demonstrated that battlefield doctors died much faster than they could be replaced. Conflict plus conscription could kill all physicians nationwide. In 1917 the Army Ambulance Service and the Sanitary Corps were created, then in 1947 the Medical Service Corps. "Medics" are specialized, passably competent, and formidably fungible soldiers.

Battlefield psychiatrists, MD habitually declared mentally unfit soldiers mentally unfit. Thus were created psychologists, PhD as Official authority ebulliently reinserting meat into the meat grinder on command. Loosed psychologists are complaint ruinous nuisances, exceeded only by DSM IV psycho-drugging of 20% of children (any male who is aggressively intelligent). Freedom is compliance.

Economists do the economy as psychologists do the mind. A watershed of data is statistically manipulated. Miserably intricate deeply parameterized speculative theory is fit to data, protected from criticism by complexity. Extrapolations are made. Official predictions are absurd versus observed reality. Economists scream "heteroskedasticity!" and demand multi-$trillion Federal bailouts. Psychologists disdain irrelevance in a discipline that is self-defined relevant.

Place a human brain on a paraffin slab. Blunt or sharp dissection, scrape away until memory is located. This classical route finds nothing. Flash freeze a human brain in liquid nitrogen. It will be rock hard at 77 kelvins. Choose a nice direction and mill away flat surfaces 42 microns deep each pass, then a high resolution picture of each revealed layer, 600 planes/inch depth. Assemble those terabytes (exabytes?) of data and look for memory. It is not there.

Determinism in a Newtonian universe is lovely stuff. It creates integrated circuits with 32 nm Intel "Sandy Bridge" architecture (compared with the small wavelength limit of human vision at 400 nm). Biology is viscous Brownian motion perhaps with quantum mechanical seasoning. Psychology says memory is packaged in there somewhere. More studies are needed.

Memory cannot be found because it is not localized, nor does it exist as such. One felicitous memory model is the amorphous glassy metal alloy Ce3Al. Melt-spun alloy passes all local and global tests (HRTEM, ED, XRD, 2D XRD) for random order. Load a diamond anvil cell with a 50x40x15 micron3 sample. At 3,539,000 psi it remains amorphous. At 3,626,000 psi it is a single crystal. Science 332(6036) 1404 (2011), "Long-range topological order in metallic glasses."

Devitrifying a glass into crystals is wholly unremarkable. Given the opportunity, solids will descend into their lowest energy state at equilibrium - a crystal. This offers large families of glass-ceramic wonder materials, plus sporadic glassblower loud profanity. That glasses exist at all is also unremarkable. Thermodynamics proposes, kinetics disposes. The problem is scale.

Atomic bonding does its thing at a scale of angstrom lengths. A 50x40x15 micron sample is (5x105)x(4x105)x(1.5x105) angstroms3 or 3x1016 Å3. How does random structure spontaneously quickly order in a discontinuous transition to sharp diffraction lines (XRD) and spots (2D XRD), with such mammoth amplification? There is no global information! Thermal devitrification at 200°C affords a hexagonal symmetry finely polycrystalline product not a face-centered cubic single crystal.

The noise that was observed as random structure was not itself random. It contained topological order, a universal scale-free recipe for fitting together. Supercomputer simulation of 24,000 cerium atoms plus 8000 aluminum atoms with or without the topological footnote added is enlightening. Plot respective structure factors against the reciprocal space vector for each case. The curves are identical! Where is the information? It is everywhere, but in no particular place.

Digital signals are exact - certainly after internal error correction. Biological cleverness is noisy muck macroscopically described by the hopeless proclaimed noiseless muck of psychology. The opposite of Official Truth is the answer.

Genrich Altshuller, TRIZ, And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared. Orthodoxy excludes discovery. Heterodox observation falsifies assumed knowledge. Validation studies are bottle washing and button sorting. All discovery is insubordination. Management exists to kill the future, for the only trusted employee is one whose sole marketable asset is loyalty.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 107 010603 (2011) "Generic Transient Memory Formation in Disordered Systems with Noise" (arxiv:1101.2931). Systems that are not relaxed to equilibrium can retain memories of prior "training." Memory exists because the brain is noisy disordered gelatinous muck. Well-ordered brains are not normalcy exemplars, they are pathological. The obscenity of electroshock treatment for depression traces directly back to whacking a patient's head with a chromed hammer. Adding a little noise makes brains work better, like tying one on or slapping an old TV. The trick is not to break it, as though therapists (the|rapists) care. Hippies' marijuana and hallucinogens had interesting outputs; slums' opiates, crack, and crystal meth less so.

You cannot manage discovery, you can only manage to end it. Imagination is intelligence having fun. We lack rigorous characterization of the topology and function of cluelessness - all-pervasive yet never localized. Save us from the well-ordered congenitally inconsequential.

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