Dr. Schund, how may we obtain an inexpensive environmentally-compassionate infinite fuel and energy supplies independent of petroleum whores and maize pimps?

Energy pauperism impressed by global corporate culture rapes our wallets. We are held hostage to White Protestant European patriarchal historic oppression meted out in the guise of equilibrium thermodynamics. We are VICTIMS. Sacrifices sacrifices, mankind is making sacrifices. We will not be sacrifices!

Dr. Schund strolls into his modest climate-controlled garage. Nascent tears are scarcely assuaged by Class 10 HEPA-filtered air. Despondently disposed are his Bugatti Veyron 16.4, McLaren F1 LM, Ferrari Enzo, Pagani Zonda, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porshe Carrera GT, Caterham CSR260, and Saleen S7. Each listlessly lolls upon its layered Pazyryk, Kashan, Kerman, Nain, Hirat, Shiraz, Tabriz, or Isfahan carpets. No tire ever touches the plebeian inlaid teak, pearl, and mokumé gané floor.

What joy is to be had now that the price of 120 octane gasoline has skyrocketed beyond a dime/gallon? Dr. Schund is all but irretrievably despondent. His monthly fully subsidized Federal fuel allotment is barely adequate to keep batteries charged. Joy cannot be chained to a double tanker truck's arrival.

Hydrogen will fuel the future! Obtention at scale, national distribution; bulk, local, and portable storage; safe transfer, and efficient utilization are wholly absent. Infrastructural and technological shackles do not exist to crush our wrists. Freedom is ours to seize! Dr. Schund will overthrow fuel hegemony that his modest conveyances be liberated to again supercharge air.

Thermodynamics demands equilibrium. Water can only be electrolyzed to a 1:7.94 wt-wt ratio of hydrogen to oxygen. Humbug! Fabricate a vertically corrugated ultra-high surface area platinized platinum gauze cathode. 1000 m2 of electroactive surface is trivially available in pop bottle volumes. A thin vertical ruthenized titanium wire on either side are the anodes, their surface areas summing to barely a cm2. Behold the Schund Electrolic Xerocell.

Water is massively cracked to only hydrogen given a 10 million:1 area ratio of cathode to anode . This is abetted by zero hydrogen overvoltage on platinized platinum but massive oxygen overvoltage on ruthenized titanium. Thermodynamic constraints be damned. The numbers are plain for all to see - if you look.

Why input energy to make hydrogen? Make electricity, too, and self-power hydrogen fuel manufacture with surplus!

"Intensification of Water Electrolysis in a Centrifugal Field"
J. Electrochem. Soc. 149(11) D172 (2002)

Data for acid, neutral, and highly alkaline electrolyte solutions using linear sweep voltammetry, galvanostatic, and potentiostatic polarization techniques are presented. An anode potential reduction of 500 mV and a cathode potential reduction of 350 mV obtain at only 0.3 amp/cm2 in a centrifugal acceleration of 190 gees. Unremarkable commercial ultracentrifuges offer more than a million gees. 0.3 amp/cm2 is 3 million amperes from each Schund Electrolic Xerocell module. Run the numbers and discover a convenient truth!

Given sufficient spin, Schund Electrolic Xerocells promise more than massive leverage of hydrogen formed from water. In 5263 times the experimental gee field a total electrode potential reduction of 4470+ volts extrapolates. Voltage times amperage equals wattage. Schund Electrolic Xerocells, pop bottles each frothing 13.4 gigawatts electrical, pledge to self-power with huge surpluses of electricity output to power the world. We will drown in free electricity as the world's atmosphere is displaced by waste hydrogen.

There are those who say tearing apart the world's lakes and oceans at their molecular level is a bad thing. Enviro-whiners mewl that SEX is only a stopgap measure, that by 14 August 23,146 AD mankind will again be searching for an energy source. Humbug! One need only burn the hydrogen to power refrigeration to balance Global Warming. The water returns without blemish to irrigate deserts. European bidets will be flushed with success.

Carbon credit arbitrageurs like Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. pester us with PowerPoint presentations of unknown hazards. $Trillion derailments of national economies are demanded while do-gooders skim user fees for their tenebrous perspicacity. Dr. Schund will not sit idly by! $Trillion derailments of national economies can purchase known hazards at bulk discount. We'll owe it to our children.

We twitch and tremble at our species' crossroads. Will we burn corn (the whole of Central and South America's flesh) to enrich Archer-Daniels-Midland while buying permission to soar down our freeways? Immortal labors of Hagop Kapoukjian, Zareh Penyamian, Garabed Apelian, Tossounian, Mehmet Ocevik and so many others do not languish upon Dr. Schund's garage floors to mourn the death of consumerism. Rise up ye oppressed and demand SEX for all!

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